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Garage Takeover was a pop-up event/exhibition by Lena Zak, held at the secret location of unused garage spaces in Bratislava, Slovakia. There, the artist displayed works from her ongoing series, DESTROY TO CREATE, in which she explores the similarities of seemingly opposing actions, attempting to answer whether destruction, ironically enough, leads to the creation of something new and whether creating without limitations and constraints leads to the destruction of the former purposes of said materials or tools. The works created are visibly torn, destroyed, fragmented, or layered with pieces from other paintings. As an in-situ installation, the artist covered the floors with bubble foil to create a paradox in the space: carefully wrapped and protected floors juxtaposed with destructed paintings. The installation then produced a sound effect of the bubble foil bursting under the footsteps of visitors, with each step echoing in the empty spaces of the abandoned garage.

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