My artwork is addressing the themes of realness, rawness, and authenticity through emotion, with all the positive parts as well as the imperfections and the negative ones via painting, writing, photography, and their combinations.


I’m using an interdisciplinary approach, traversing between visual and verbal to deliver the most complex image of emotion.


In painting, I’m mobilizing Abstract Expressionist-inspired strategies to create bold, gestural compositions, with a spontaneous, intuitive style, that capture the emotion in its rawness and true intensity. When it comes to visuality, I'm choosing monochrome or simpler combinations of colors and shades to focus fully on the emotion and energy behind the brushstrokes, I'm letting the power of each movement on the canvas become the center of the works. This results in the creation of brushstrokes and marks, that could hardly ever be replicated, coming from the point of flow state, where the control is lost and pure expression comes to take its place.  


My writing exposes the most personal inner monologue, real-life situations, experiences, and views. I often merge it with painting or photography to create a more comprehensive and powerful experience of perception.


The take on photography that accompanies my writings is to show the natural and imperfect, rather than perfectly clean and prepared. This includes visuality that can be often dis-focused, grained, zoomed in, and pixelated. The subjects of the photo works are staged intuitively, based on the current emotion - with the same approach I use in painting. Even if the writing is presenting an inner monologue, I mostly choose to not show faces to leave it up to the viewers' own imagination and personal interpretation to assign faces to these monologues or dialogues. They are in-medias-res, and viewers also own enough space to think of the rest of the story/situation, or to imagine what led to it. I aim for them to apply their own perspective to the experiences I'm sharing with them. The reality that I show then transforms into uniquely theirs.

As for the objects I create, their compounds go hand in hand with their symbolic/personal meaning and emotional connotation. Since my artistic focus lies between painting and writing, I often use and paint over books/book covers as the material for objects. Another significant and recurring material is a mirror, which I choose to incorporate to not only represent, but also actively show the reflection of all the truths of reality, and actively mirror the responses/reactions of the viewers to the artwork itself.