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I'm a visual artist with my primary practices being predominantly painting and drawing, however, these might be seen as dominant instruments for expanding into other formats and disciplines such as writing and text-based work, object, and installation.


The majority of my work comes from the borderline between the process of destruction and creation. I investigate the correlation between these two actions, their similarities, differences, and everything that happens within the transformation of one to another. Through them, I also explore the theme of duality which they perfectly mirror.


The edge between destruction and creation represents a place without rules or borders, a place of temporary autonomy where things shed their former labels, abandon their preceding purposes and they freely create themselves anew. This place of transformation is the foundation of my work.


My practice is an expression of freedom without limits, where I often abandon the constraints of the traditional use of certain materials, tools, and forms they result into. I tend to incorporate found and or acquired non-traditional objects, both as materials and tools, when I work on my pieces. I utilize techniques such as rethinking, repurposing, and redesigning these objects and materials to create new forms, most frequently through destruction, decomposition, and fragmentation. In it's essence, my artwork may be seen as a statement on transformation.

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