in the name of Prévert

These two small artworks are part of my recent mini-series called “Transformation in the name of Prévert”. For this series, I used pages from an old book by Jacques Prévert instead of canvas as a painting surface. The book was owned by my mother who used the poems when writing letters to my dad while he was away on one-year military training. At that time, this training was still mandatory for every man in my country, as the fear of the next possible world war was still very much present. I took the book of poems years and years later when I was having my own relationship related issues.


How can one take what once was and recreate it without doubt and fear, into something new and beautiful? And this exactly is the meaning hidden in my small artworks — recreating the old into something completely new while giving it a whole new purpose and hope for the future. Whether we are talking about these artworks, love, or life — the change is possible but we need to be bold enough to do the first step, the first motions on the surface. And then keep going. Respect the old grounds (represented by the old pieces of paper) that we have built, and not pretend we are starting from a blank page. But still, be strong enough to put the new (represented by the strokes of color) in front of everything else.