Destroy to Create series not only explores the close ties between the two actions, while to perform one essentially means to perform the other, but it was created also as a way how to release frustrations, rage, anger, and other strong emotions. There is, almost a poetic, level of irony in the fact how destruction and creation are at their core almost the same. The same irony applies to the artworks, when the missing or destructed parts are playing a role that is as important, as the role of the parts that are left there. This series is not finished, more artworks will be added to this section continuously, all the way throughout the year 2021.  

ART OBJECTS, 2020, 2021



Material.unlimited is about constantly challenging the status quo in my art practice by challenging the materials I use as a painting surface whether the result is successful or not, the goal here is the process itself. The process that is shifting, redefining itself with every piece created, and therefore it's making room for the new, the room for progress. Because I believe that progress never occurs when one always goes down that easy, familiar route. But it does come to the surface as soon as one takes the first step towards the unknown, the unknown that really is unlimited. This series is not finished, more artworks will be added to this section continuously, all the way throughout the year 2021.  


Early Autumn

Having lived in a mild climate with 4 seasons changing throughout most of my life and observing nature closely, the fact that the leaves started falling down not days or weeks, but months too early caught my attention and inspired the series of artworks called Early Autumn which theme is loosely tied to climate change. In the artworks you may notice the blue color, which to me personally resembles warm days with the clear, cloudless sky, with the autumn tones of brown and beige, mixing together and overlapping one another.


Blue Velvet

A natural continuation of a spring VESNA collection, the BLUE VELVET series features artworks on paper that are way darker and bolder. They are uncontrollable bursts of energy, bold strokes of paint, creating a velvet-like appearance that has an ability to soothe both the soul and the eye. BLUE VELVET series is all about soothing, finding acceptance and processing in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, and coming out of it stronger, more determined but calmer at the same time. Because life is changing in the most uncontrollable of ways and sometimes all we can do is to accept the chaos and transform it into our own personal idea of peace of mind.



Series of miniature artworks painted on reclaimed paper from a book by Jacques Prévert. He was well known as a French “poet of love”. The book was in possession of my mother for around 35 years. I took the book years and years later to portray that we can indeed recreate the old into something new and beautiful with a bit of hope - whether we are talking about art, love, or life itself. We just have to be bold enough to do the first step and then keep on going.  



Celebrating the awakening of nature after the winter, I named this collection after the Slavic goddess of spring — Vesna. Being deeply affected by the changing seasons, the beginning of spring is something that brings me a sense of relief and joy on a personal level. I used materials found in the forest instead of brushes during the creation process. This undoubtedly connected the pieces with the environment, by which they were inspired.  



A small collection of paintings created behind the locked doors during pandemic and self-quarantine, when life as we knew it disappeared in front of our eyes and was replaced by stress, fear, and anxiety. Learning to cope with the whole situation, in real life, and on canvas, pieces from QRNTN. collection are full of raw emotions that emerged and found their way out.  


Marks Study

This study is focused on the mark-making of common consumer goods and tools such as paintbrush, plastic wrap, tea bag, mints, paper coffee cup, and rice noodles soaked in acrylic color. The intention behind the study is to point out the diversity of the train of thought, to give recipients an idea about how creative processes might work.



Selection of artworks created over the course of past years. Archive contains paintings from a variety of different collections and series.