Having lived in a mild climate with 4 seasons changing throughout most of my life and observing nature closely, the fact that the leaves started falling down not days or weeks, but months too early caught my attention and inspired the series of artworks called Early Autumn which theme is loosely tied to climate change. In the artworks you may notice the blue color, which to me personally resembles warm days with the clear, cloudless sky, with the autumn tones of brown and beige, mixing together and overlapping one another.


In terms of process, as an artist who works predominantly with acrylic but at the same time finds much of the inspiration in nature, the organic strokes of paint in the Early Autumn series were created not with a brush but with textiles. These textiles will be fully repurposed for creating another line of artwork. My intention behind this practice was to avoid cleaning brushes covered in acrylic by rinsing them in the water down the drain, as this waste is harmful to aquatic environments and can be damaging to the waterways and soil. I also aim to minimize the waste and repurpose much of the “tools” used in the creation process.