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Destroy to Create is a series where I explore the close ties between the two actions, while to perform one essentially means to perform the other, as well as fully manifest the strong, uncensored emotions like rage, frustration, and anger. 


There is, almost a poetic, level of irony in the fact that destruction and creation are at their core almost the same. The same irony applies to the artworks, when the missing or destructed parts are playing a role that is as important, as the role of the parts that are left there. It's the same irony that rules our world. The destruction that can tear one down, and change life for the worse, is at the very same time leaving an empty space behind. An emptiness that is left is painful but still - it gives one a chance to fill it again, and hopefully,  to create better. After all, it's upon us how to see the parts that are missing, both within the artworks, and within our life.