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Lena Zak is a Slovakia-born multidisciplinary artist who employs techniques of destruction, decomposition, and fragmentation while mobilizing Abstract Expressionist-inspired strategies to create works in painting, writing, or installation. Spontaneity and boldness without limitations when it comes to materials, tools, or forms are key to her process, which is often about finding a balance in duality, emphasizing the transformation that occurs between the acts of destruction and creation. ​

Lena's artwork has been exhibited in major European capitals, including London, Lisbon, Athens, Prague, and Bratislava. Since 2020, her paintings have been listed on renowned art and design marketplaces such as Artsy, 1stDibs, and The Artling. Her work is part of private collections mainly in Europe, but can also be found in the hands of collectors in New York and Los Angeles.

Selected exhibitions

Exhibited artists of IdeelArt (online gallerist, London, UK) —

Artist in Residence, October & November 2022 —  Duplex AIR | Lisbon, Portugal

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