Lisbon-based, Slovakia-born artist Lena Zak mobilizes Abstract Expressionist-inspired strategies to create bold, gestural compositions that she refers to as “intense representations of emotion on canvas”. Spontaneity and raw feeling are key to her process, which is about navigating chaos and uncertainty in an effort to find balance.


Zak predominantly works in acrylic, but often combines other mediums in a single piece. In 2021, she created the series  Destroy to Create, aiming to explore the similarities between the process of destruction and creation, merging both of these actions into the final artwork. Zak now continues her studio practice with mainly monochromatic paintings on raw canvas, where the focus is strictly on the emotion behind the brushstroke, a raw feeling that fuels every move, with visible hand gestures and energy that is obvious at the very first glance. You're invited to browse the new paintings here.  

Zak exhibited her work in the capital cities of Europe like London, the UK, Lisbon in Portugal, or Athens in Greece. In 2020, she became an Exhibited Artist of British gallerist IdeelArt with her paintings listed on well-known art marketplaces like Artsy, 1stdibs, Widewalls, The Artling, and more. By the start of 2021, Zak became one of the represented artists of Sauvage Gallery (online gallerist, France). Currently, her paintings are a part of private collections in capital cities all over Europe, mainly Paris, Prague, Bratislava, and London. 


Exhibited artists of IdeelArt (Online Gallerist, London, UK) — www.artsy.net/ideelart/artist/lena-zak

Artist represented by Sauvage Gallery (Online Gallery, France) — www.sauvage-gallery.com/artists/lena-zak.