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I'm a mixed-media artist working primarily in painting and drawing, however, I also explore text-based and installation work.


The topic of duality is where I draw my inspiration from — the seemingly opposing and entwined forces that shape both our world and my personal experience of it: harmony and chaos, black and white, creation and destruction. My work often emerges from the borderline between the processes of destruction and creation. I investigate the correlation between these two actions, exploring their similarities, differences, and everything that occurs within the transformation from one to the other. The edge between destruction and creation represents a place without rules or borders — a place of temporary autonomy where things shed their former labels and abandon their previous purposes, allowing them to freely create themselves anew. This place of transformation serves as the foundation of my work.


Another fascination that directly influences my work is the relationship between sound and form, image and acoustics. Sound shapes the landscapes of my abstract paintings, frequently resulting in a visuality with calligraphy-like qualities.


My practice is an expression of freedom without limits, where I abandon the constraints of the traditional use of certain materials, tools, and forms. I tend to incorporate found and acquired non-traditional objects, both as materials and tools. Utilizing techniques such as decomposition, fragmentation, layering and various destructive techniques is allowing me to come up with a new forms and new ways how to explore the opposing forces even further.

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