Prague-based, Slovak artist Lena Zak mobilizes Abstract Expressionist-inspired strategies to create bold, gestural compositions that she refers to as “intense representations of emotion”. Spontaneity and raw feeling are key to her process, which is about navigating chaos and uncertainty in an effort to find balance.


Zak predominantly works in acrylic, but often combines other mediums in a single piece. Moreover, her signature practice consists of the use of non-traditional items instead of typical art brushes. Within her new body of work created during 2021, Zak started to focus on the exploration of similarities between the process of destruction and creation, merging both of these actions into the final artwork. 


Zak's artwork was so far exhibited in capital cities of Europe like Lisbon, Portugal, or Athens, Greece. However, during the pandemic, she also participated in several virtual exhibitions. In 2020, Zak became an Exhibited Artist of British online gallerist IdeelArt with her paintings listed on well-known art marketplaces like Artsy, 1stdibs, Widewalls, The Artling, and more.

When asked about how she would describe her work, Zak says:

I would say that the duality of my personality is somehow being reflected in my work when one looks at it as a whole. It can be very soft and feminine, as well as it can be dark. I'm always drawn to use either the shades of blue or black and white combination, I love experimentation and the use of unconventional materials, whether for applying paint or as a part of the artwork itself. My themes and concepts are always quite personal and they reflect my current state of mind. Because of it, although in all the works one could find similarities forming an artistic "manuscript" of sorts, the overall visuality changes. That is why I sort my work into collections. However, the visuality changes not only to fit the concept of that given series perfectly but also because it's exactly what feels the most natural to me at that given period of my life. Being the most authentic is an immensely important part of my practice. Nevertheless, every single piece is in its absolute core all about navigating different kinds of emotions like chaos, uncertainty, problems, or traumas in an effort to find balance and acceptance in all of it.”.


Lena Zak is an ​Artist exhibited by IdeelArt (Online Gallerist, London, UK) —



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